Orbit Architecture | Aura Apartments
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Aura Apartments

9 & 11 - 13 Camira Street, Malvern East VIC

About This Project

Located in Malvern East, this multi-residential project will contain 28 high quality apartments across 3 stories.

The architectural response adopts a broad program that extends beyond simply crafting a beautiful object and seeks to establish a building that enhances its environment by its presence. The extended active frontage is articulated to provide a treatment that is in keeping with the human scale familiar to the original established order in which houses present similar yet identifiable unique characteristics. The articulated forms are presenting quadrants of the overall building as separately articulated forms with a series of clearly identifiable street interfaces providing individual addresses and access points to ground level dwellings fronting each of the street frontages. This treatment ameliorates the risk  that a large expanse of building façade dominates the street rather than providing the desired activity and sense of community.

There is a diversity of building forms and material treatments in the immediate surrounding area. In responding to the context there was a conscious decision to both reference and improve upon the surrounding forms.

Project Info

28 Apartments

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