Orbit Architecture | The Rise Apartments
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The Rise Apartments

East Doncaster VIC

About This Project

The development comprises of three buildings between three and four storeys containing 70 dwellings. A central garden terrace is accessible from each building and generous landscaping is provided to all sides of the buildings.

The façade treatment of the buildings at Blackburn Road utilises a clear language of light recessed upper levels layered above a more heavily framed base podium. The podium itself sits at ground level, referencing elements from the two adjacent corners and the immediate context. The new scheme is contemporary and restrained; focusing on attention to detail with refined combinations of materials already present in the surrounding context. Each application of form and material relates to the prevailing condition that the building envelope is responding to. Factors taken into consideration include aspect, solar orientation, acoustic privacy, visual privacy, accessibility, sustainability and the compositional considerations for an harmonious aesthetic response.

Reflecting the mixed character of the street, the form and treatment of the proposed buildings presents an articulated response to Blackburn Road and as they turn corners into the smaller side streets. As each building turns the corner they introduce a more refined treatment including considered lighting and landscaping. The framed hoods of the mid-levels provide acoustic and visual privacy from  the conjoined dwellings and neighbouring sites. At the same time the design has been treated to buffer certain environmental factors and the edges have been activated to take advantage of views from, and natural light to, the peripheral apartments.

Project Info

64 Apartments

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