Orbit Architecture | Yan Yean Chapel
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Yan Yean Chapel

Yan Yean, VIC

About This Project

Conceptually the building needed to resonate with people from diverse backgrounds. The building strives for ‘sacredness’ and avoids iconography. It is a place born from universal precepts rather than particular cultural preconceptions.

The chapel is a pure architectural expression of form, light, materials and function. The clarity of resolution in detailing and planning set this building apart from the everyday. The Chapel was realized on a tight budget; the resulting redesign as it was brought back to budget being turned into opportunity rather than compromise.

Stripped to it’s essence it is a building of universal principles. It is inspired by what is best about being alive; the sounds, sights and smells of the world and the touch of those we gather close to when it is time for us to remember those we have lived with gone to a place beyond this corporal world.

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